Effortlessly classic style.


timeless design in mind.

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Inspirational timepieces

VSTELLE provides well-crafted watches to inspire the wearer's individuality and evolving personal style. Our goal is to create quality watches suitable for everyday wear, offering timeless aesthetic style with precision and functionality.


Making use of functional, comtemporary materials, the quality and affordability of these classy watches are second to none.

Leo Davie

The Coolector

Minimalist and Aesthetic - VSTELLE is one of the best new watches of 2022 so far. They offer the ideal everday watches.

PJ Gach

Vstelle watches focus on merging traditional Hong Kong watchmaking with Gen-Z sensibilities.

Ronjini Joshua


The timepieces boast premium-grade watch parts with Horween leather straps, creating simplified elegance for the brand.

Brian Garrido


The perfect fusion of traditional craftmanship and modern minimalist design on its watches.

Zoe So


The V-Apostle inclines to a modern trendy feel. It's sleek and has a very nice brushed case.


Watchboy Singapore

Each line on the dial are clean and only necessary lines are visible. The V-Pioneer from VSTELLE is well-built and the verstile design is fresh to me.

Colin Smith

Trend Hunter

The Horween leather is a plus, it looks so sharp and stunning when walking around the city. This is the perfect watch for urban wear.

Martin Cid

Cool Backer

Their timepieces indeed put forth a refreshingly clean aesthetic in favor of something straightforward and even handsome.

Microbrand Editor

Worn & Wound

The new generation of watchmaker

Designer brand

We are passionate about combining traditional craftsmanship with Gen-Z sensibilities.

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design based on
Vivid minimalism

Clean lines, minimal layers and vivid colors with distinctive designed case, crown, dial and buckle. It made our watches unique and stylish.


Horween Leathers

Our leathers straps are produced by the best leather company for more than 100 years and five generations in Chicago. Durable and comfortable, it gets more beautiful the more you wear it.

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