Design Philosophy

Timepieces that transcends occasion and trend

VSTELLE watches are designed to embody timelessness and chic style, making them your ideal everyday companions. Combining vivid design and functional modern materials, our watches puts forth a refreshingly clean aesthetic and refined minimalist design that adapt to your versatile rountine as you need your accessories to be. 

Inspirational watches

VSTELLE was founded upon a belief of inspiring people's lives through horology. That is what we hope for. Perhaps we are not the first one to come up with this concept, but we hope we are the ones to bring it to practice at this time. Our watches are designed to enhance the wearer's individuality and personal style.

Unique timepieces

Vivid minimalism

Clean lines, minimal layers and vivid colors, showcase the modern rounded square numerals designed on the dial. The distinctive fine brushed case, crown and buckle make our watches unique and stylish.

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The art of watchmaking