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A lifestyle brand

The new generation of watchmakers

VSTELLE is an independent watch company created by a team of young entrepreneurs, designers and artisans. We are proud to be part of the new generation of watchmakers to define the future legacy of the watchmaking industry.

Our mission is to redefine the fashion watch industry by combining traditional quality craftsmanship with trendsetting minimal design. We aim to provide the best of quality and aesthetic watches to inspire the wearer's individuality and evolving personal style.

Welcome to VSTELLE.

How We Began...


Culture matters | Share time and culture

Day after day, the monotonous life usually constitutes a unique cultural heritage. The seemingly insignificant design presents a reflection on humanistic value. VSTELLE is dedicated to bringing vitality. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire and encourage cultivated conversation while building a versatile and vibrant community.

Visionary brand


VSTELLE champions watchmaking craftsmanship, we are passionate about combining traditional watchmaking craftsmanship with Gen-Z sensibilities and a modern take on timepieces.

All Things Horology.

Created by the new generation of watchmakers from Hong Kong, VSTELLE timepieces represent the re-imagination of vivid minimalist design and functional modern materials to create quality watches suitable for everyday wear.